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Oath of Fidelity - (Pius XI, 1922-1939)

Following the Instruction of the Sacred Congregation of the Sacraments of the 27th December 1930, published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis of the 1st April 1931, every cleric who desires to receive one of the three Sacred Orders, must, some time before the Ordination ceremony, address to the Seminary Rector the following formula written and signed by his own hand.  It is the attestation of the freedom of his action, a solemn affirmation that he knows what he is undertaking, and a solemn oath of fidelity without fail.

I, the undersigned, N., having already asked My Lord Bishop for the favour of receiving the Order of Subdiaconate [or Diaconate or Priesthood], the day of Ordination now approaching, having diligently weighed everything before God and sworn the required oaths, testify:

1)         Firstly, that I have not been impelled to receive this Sacred Order neither by coercion, nor by force, nor by fear, but that I desire it spontaneously and want it by full free will because I believe and feel that God is really calling me to it.

2)         I affirm that I fully know all the duties and other consequences coming from this Order, which I freely desire and propose to accept; and which I undertake with the help of God to most diligently observe all the days of my life.

3)         Especially, I declare to understand clearly all that the law of celibacy entails; and with the help of God, I firmly promise to willingly observe and fully keep it to the end of my life.

4)         Lastly, I sincerely promise, according to Canon Law, to obey with docility all that my superiors or the discipline of the Church command, ready to give, in word and in act the example of virtue in order to merit to be rewarded by God for having received such an office.

I thus promise, I thus vow, I thus swear.  May God help me and these Holy Gospels that I touch.

Pius XI
Pope Pius X1

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